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Green Earth Organics is meerut based farming company which deals into vermicomposting using various methodolgy, we produce composting faster and scalable than normal composting, at GEO we welcome people and trained them to start on vermicomposting and be part of scaling business.
Vermicomposting reduced your farming expense. And this will also improve your land quality. In vermicomposting, we can use species of worms. We can usually use red wigglers, white worms, and other earthworms. Through all these, we can create a mixture of decomposing and also use vegetable or food waste and other materials.

Vermicomposting is the natural & organic way of improving the quality of your farming land.

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We are team of young dynamic and experts who are investing their efforts into Vermicomposting and earning in lakhs and helping other people to start their career into Vermicomposting after free training with us.

Expert Training

Training from expert to start your career and be a part of big team.

Supportive Team

At GEO, we all are one hand, one team to grow together and work together.

24*7 Response Time

We provide 24*7 customer support to our customers. We are ready to help you and always try to respond to you on time.

Product Development

At GEO, we train people to start selling vermicomposting products online offline.

Digital Training

We provide Digital training to sell organics products on multiple social media platforms.

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We provide training for vermicomposting. We also provide solution for your real life scenario problem in trainings. Our expert provides best solution in training.

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